on Meucci Cue Order!

Meucci is the cue with a history of performance! The entire cue is built with one priority in mind: to give every player more power with less effort. Meucci is unquestionably the most accurate tool ever built for the game of pool!

  • World renowned as the cue that deflects the least of any brand.
  • An unsurpassed shaft taper which has never been copied effectively by any other manufacturer.
  • Unique joint and ferrule design allowing maximum performance with minimum effort.
  • Highest quality woods available from our own saw mill.
  • Butt splice design increases amplification of stroke while diminishing warpage.
  • The only cue balanced far enough back for automatic grip hand positioning every time.
  • Unequaled grain alignment and color in our shafts.
  • Full year guarantee against manufacturing defects and material flaws.
  • Unmistakably distinct in design.
  • The most recognized name in the billiards industry.

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