Elite ELBKHVY Heavy Break Cue

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Elite ELBKHVY Heavy Break Cue

Make your first shot count with the Elite Break Cue Heavy. This cue features a heavy design crafted from AAA grade Canadian maple and features a shorter taper with a 2-inch wooden billiards pin. Its black stained forearm and stainless steel collar add an elegant sophistication to this heavy hitter. The dictionary defines Elite as “a select part of a group that is superior to the rest in terms of ability or qualities.” Elite pool cue sticks certainly live up to this standard. This heavy cue is superior in style, functionality, and design. Elite cue stick is available in a wide variety of colors, styles, and materials. With a 1-year manufacturer’s warranty and these unbeatable prices, nothing is standing in the way of you adding an Elite break cue to your billiard equipment.

About CueStix International is a globally recognized company that provides a wide variety of billiard products and accessories. Their mission is to provide the best customer service available. They do this by offering quality products with an understanding of the game. They are a proud cue and case sponsor of the APA. Cuestix stands by every product they sell and provide to their customers. CueStix continues to offer products that showcase quality construction and pride in the time-honored game of billiards.



Tip: 13.5mm phenolic tip
Ferrule: 1″ phenolic ferrule
Shaft: 29″ AAA grade Canadian hard rock maple with a shorter taper and a unique 2″ wooden billiards pin
Collar: Stainless steel
Joint: 1/2 x 10
Forearm: Ebony stained maple with two thin silver rings and a gold Elite symbol
Wrap: Black Irish linen with white specks
Sleeve: None
Butt Plate: Stainless steel
Bumper: Black rubber



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