Voodoo VOD19 Black & White Ill-Fated Pool Cue

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Voodoo VOD19 Black & White Ill-Fated Pool Cue

Lucky number 13? Well, now it is with this spooky, biker-inspired cue from Voodoo. What do bikers like? Skulls… got ’em out the wazoo. Leather… it’s in the wrap. Performance… a given when you’ve got the goods like a stainless steel joint, layered boar-skin tip and a Hardrock maple, pro-tapered shaft.

Voodoo makes pool fun again by combining whimsy with time-tested cue-building techniques so that you can get your snarl on and have the game to back it up.

Want to put some magic in your game? Now you can rely on the power of the dark side with the Voodoo line of cues. Quality craftsmanship combined with wildly engraved designs including chains, crows, and skulls, these cues is guaranteed to bring your game back to life. Complete with leather wraps, AAA rated Canadian Maple shafts these cues will have you under their spell. Voodoo cues include a one year manufacturer’s warranty against defects and that’s no hocus-pocus!

  • Tip: 13mm, 7 layered vacua sealed proprietary boar skin tip
    Ferrule: 1″ Fiber linen ferrule
    Shaft: 29″ hard rock maple, 10 – 12″ pro taper with a brass insert
    Pin: 5/16×18
    Collar: Stainless Steel
    Forearm: Black stained maple with Vector-based digital engraved white “Ill-Fated” number 13 and skull design painted with real “Gravestone” paint
    Wrap: Midnight leather
    Butt Sleeve: Black with white “Ill Fated” number 13 and skull boxes filled with real “Gravestone” paint
    Butt Plate: Stainless steel
    Bumper: Blood pulsing red and black rubberAdditional Information

    • This cue is weight changeable with Action weight bolts. Model Number WBOL
    • This cue does not come with joint protectors. We suggest Action Joint Protectors model # ;JPAC
    • This cue does not come with an extension. We suggest EXTX5.
    • This cue does not come with a case.
    • Warranty : 1 Year Manufactures
    • Replacement Shaft OLXS


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