Schön Custom Cues are some of the hottest selling cues year in and year out, due to the unique feel, hit, accuracy,  materials and (of course) beautiful design.

Schön Custom Cues – Beautiful In Any Language!

Schön Custom Cues are a standard 58″ cue with a 5/16 x 14 thread joint. Weights range from 18 oz. to about 21 oz. The cue butts are built on a special hybrid core of laminated woods. All materials are of high integrity, white inlays are Micarta, black materials are Ebony, etc. Schön Custom Cues utilize a Phenolic lined Stainless Steel joint and Stainless Steel pin. Butt plates are high impact Delrin. The joint is piloted and mates with a Phenolic cushioned Brass insert on the shaft.

Schön Cues – Extra Shafts

Schön Custom Cue shafts are considered to be interchangeable. In most instances, a new shaft will screw on to your cue without problems, however screw threads have idiosyncrasies and a fairly snug fit is preferred. Some tweaking may be required. The shafts are interchangeable because Schön Custom Cues can match it to the cue at the very end of the process. This allows Schön to create their distinctive hit!

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