Schon Uniques are as the name implies, one-of-a-kind cues, with distinctive designs which will never be duplicated by Schon Cues.
No Unique cues are available at this time.

Schon Elite are cues which are made in an edition of no more than 7 cues, one time only.

Schön Custom Cues continue to build on the tradition of excellence, offering some of the best playing cues in the world.  Closely held proprietary manufacturing techniques set Schön Custom Cues apart from the rest of the cue world.  Designed by Evan Clarke, Schön’s innovative cue master, these cues play to near perfection.  Each cue truly stands for the German meaning behind the name Beautiful.


Did you know that Schon engineers their shafts and the joint collars on the butt and shaft so that just about any Schon shaft will fit perfectly flush with just about any Schon butt.  That is, you can buy a new Schon shaft for your old Schon butt and it will fit like it was made for the old butt..  Amazing! In addition, the hit and feel of a Schon shaft is extremely consistent among all the shafts they manufacture.

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